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Soul Food Sensations

Ya know, southern soul food is about sharing a delicious meal with a lot of people. One of my fondest memories is of my father’s soul food cookouts. They were epic. He and my mother would spend all day preparing ribs and chicken, pigs’ feet and ham hocks, collard greens, cabbage, candied yams, black eyes peas and sweet potato pie, just to name a few of the dishes they would invite the entire neighborhood over to enjoy.

Mark and I spent our first date cooking together, and it didn’t take long to know we were well matched in the kitchen. We often cook for our kids, all 9 of them to see who gets the best reviews.

We have based our business on a love of southern cuisine. We are small, affordable and our food is made from scratch with absolutely no exceptions. We proudly use local farm ingredients and fresh fixing’s whenever available. Large or small, we get a lot of satisfaction cooking wherever people are gathered.

-Mark & Sybil Terry

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